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Qol strives to strengthen medical collaboration and provide community-based quality medical services

Qol went public on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2012.

In the coming years, we intend to strengthen our core pharmacy business as well as increase investment in other areas of business. Our medium-term target is consolidated net sales of 100 billion yen, while our long-term target is consolidated net sales of 300 billion yen and the completion of 1,000 pharmacies.
Toward these ends, the Qol Group will strive to accelerate implementation of its growth strategy.

As for our core pharmacy business, in addition to strengthening our QOL Pharmacies we will increase collaboration with businesses in different industries as exemplified by our pharmacies in convenience stores. In our non-pharmacy business, we will expand our clinical trial business, CSO business* and more to achieve a sales target of 10 billion yen.

As always, we are extremely thankful for your continuous support.

* Our CSO (Contract Sales Organization) business undertakes sales and marketing activities for pharmaceutical companies with a focus on dispatching MRs.

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