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Qol group runs BPO contracting businesses such as CSO business and clinical-trials as well as core pharmacy business. We are contributing to medical advances by creating synergy between those businesses.

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  • * CSO (Contract Sales Organization)

Pharmacy Business

The Qol Group pharmacies are opened based on one-on-one relationships with medical institutions to provide exclusive pharmacy services. By building strong partnerships with medical institutions, we can create an environment whereby individual patients are watched over by a doctor and a pharmacist bonded by a relationship of trust while at the same time constraining costs associated with attracting new patients, which typically arise when a number of pharmacies compete for the same hospital's business. This allows us to provide higher quality services to patients. The Qol Group has also built strong relationships of trust with pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies, not just with patients and the medical institutions that prescribe pharmaceuticals for them. This gives us a range of advantages such as rapid access to the latest information in the industry and the ability to control our inventories more effectively.

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One-on-one pharmacies

We put customers first in our store deployment strategy, which is based on building one-on-one relationships with drug-prescribing clinics and hospitals. In our efforts to be the “pharmacy of choice”, we will continue developing pharmacies of various types for the convenience of customers.

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New types of stores

Qol is aggressively breaking new ground by developing new types of stores in collaboration with companies in other industries. For example, we are collaborating with Lawson to create convenience stores with drugstore functions and a pharmacy, BIC CAMERA to open pharmacies in stores that draw numerous customers, and West JR Group to create stores that sell OTC drugs in train stations. We are exploring new market possibilities through new types of stores.

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CSO Business (Contract Sales Organization)

APO PLUS STATION Co., Ltd. undertakes sales and marketing research activities for pharmaceutical companies. We provide a wide range of services related to sales activities of pharmaceutical products.
APO PLUS STATION aims to be a “solution partner” for pharmaceutical companies by providing one-stop sales and marketing services.

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* MR (Medical Representative) provides information about medicines and drugs available to those who prescribe medicines.

Publishing-related Business

Medical-Qol develops pamphlets and websites for medical institutions to promote sales of pharmaceutical products and provide advice on proper pharmaceutical product use It also creates medical information books and magazines for healthcare professionals and patients. By accurately identifying changes in the industry and end-user needs, the company is supporting both patients and healthcare professionals.

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